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Asking Christina Out


< by Jill >

I never knew what it was like to ask a girl out until I asked Christina to stand up in my wedding.

I wanted her to say yes so badly that I risked the possibility of hearing no. I suspected that either way, she’d have a good reason for her decision. If she said yes, it would validate my thesis that we’re actually more like sisters than long-lost childhood friends. If Christina said no, it would validate my alternative theory that I needed to pay penance for calling her “Christinky” and “Christurda” for nearly 20 years. Fair is fair.

Once I reconciled with these possibilities, I picked up the phone and I posed the question: “Will you be a bridesmaid at my wedding?”

“Yes!” she said, cutting me off.

I balked. Surely it’s a gut response.

“You can think about it for a couple days! It will probably be like $350 for the dress and you’ll have to fly here and get a hotel and I know that’s expensive and you’re in your nursing program so think about it and just mull it over, no pressure, just let me know okay!”

“I’ll do it!” she insisted.

After a pause, a bolt of understanding leaped from head to heart — she said YES! — and with it, a wave of excitement mixed with disbelief.



Every cell in my body danced. Christina proved my hypothesis: we’re sisters, and I can still call her Christinky!