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We Ran Another Marathon!

< by Jill >

It seemed like a good idea when I signed up for the 2013 Twin Cities Marathon. At the time, I had a boyfriend and a job and nothing else on the schedule—free and clear, all the way through October! But then…

I enrolled in a 9-month yoga teacher training.

I co-founded a company.

I got engaged.

And just like that, my calendar went from a losing Bingo card to a total blackout.

In mid-March (after two consecutive months of 18-hour workdays) my dad called me up and semi-suggested I sit this one out. “Maybe your sister would like to run a marathon this fall. You’ve got a lot on your plate.”

I shooed the idea away. “I’m going to run this marathon, dad!”

And I did—but not without pain. Dressed like a rabbit and running a tortoise pace, I trekked 26.2 miles. It was my slowest marathon in two years, and a reminder that a marathon isn’t just a thing you go and do.

I realize that sounds stupid and obvious, but I had forgotten this simple fact: marathoning is hard. Moreover, it’s a team sport. There’s no way I could have finished that race without my cheering squad. So here’s to mom, Ann, Dale, Philip, and Cora for boosting me to the finish line.

Extra thanks to my mom who, when asked, “Will you still love me if I finish last?” responded, “Yes, but you’ll need to find your own ride home!”

Your tough love propelled me all the way to 3,576th place! 🙂

We made it! Dad (3:45) and me (4:04) reunited at the finish.

We made it! Dad (3:45) and me (4:04) reunited at the finish.