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resolutions for any moment, any day

And now, a special Saturday edition of abreakfastserial.com brought to you by Brennan, who offers an alternate perspective on New Year’s resolutions.

< by Brennan >

I don’t believe in making new years resolutions. I live my life according to the philosophy that every new day is a gift, and we can change or improve something about ourselves every moment.

I think making resolutions is a step in the right direction, to be sure, but two moments in the past week reinforced my thinking. I was at the gym and asked a trainer if it’s true about new years and the gym. He said: “You know what, you will have lines for the cardio machines first part of January, crowded weight areas, but then that’s all gone by February 15.”

He added, with a smile, “But I do enjoy all these wannabes who walk around telling each other how awesome they are.”

Then, on the night of new years eve, a cab driver shared a conversation with me about the new year. As my group disembarked, he said: “Tomorrow is just another day.”

So make your resolutions. Change what you want to change right here, right now. But look around you. Your coworkers, friends, loved ones: you can make a difference with them at any moment, any day.

I responded to the cabbie: “Same game, same players.” His reply:

“A wise man.”

Happy New Year. May all your resolutions find their way.