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My Other Mothers

< by Jill >

Growing up, my family did not have any relatives nearby. As a result, I developed deep bonds with my friends and their kin, particularly their mothers. This is a reflection on three of my “other mothers.”

• Mrs. Parker: The Cool Mom

She stocked the pantry with Dr. Pepper, Pringles, and Runts. She bought the latest and greatest video games (Aladdin for Sega). Best of all: she allowed us to take a running start when we cannon-balled into the pool. And in the winter, when it was too cold to swim, she cranked up the hot-tub and let us frolic in the burbling waters. One icy January, she supplied a waterproof mermaid doll that sang songs underwater. We held our breath most of that winter, becoming wrinkled little prunes as we looped the track.

• Mrs. Schneider: The 90s Mom

She had a denim ensemble for every occasion. At lunch, we ate Ball Park hot dogs — cut into bite-sized pieces — and washed them down with strawberry Shasta. For birthday parties, she stuffed loot bags with Lisa Frank stickers.

• Mrs. Pappas: The Yes Mom

Can we bike to Dairy Queen and hang out with boys? Yes. Can we microwave a whole package of marshmallows and eat them with our hands? Yes. Can we cut eye-holes in the Justin Timberlake poster and then wear it as a mask and profess undying love to one another? Uhhh yep. Can we pour Pixy Stix sugar into milk and see if it tastes good? Do it outside.

When I’m a mom, I hope to borrow some of these qualities — Mrs. Parker’s free spirit, Mrs. Schneider’s trendy style, and Mrs. Pappas’s willingness to let us figure things out on our own (Pixy milk tastes awful).