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a crossover christmas


(Photo credit: A Little Lam)

< by Nate >

Most can remember that one Christmas when everything fell into place in the gift department.

There’s the girl who gets the Barbie house and the complete set of My Little Pony dolls (they are dolls, right?). There’s the boy who gets the G.I. Joe action figure with movable thumbs (THEY MOVE!).

For me, the best present-sweep wasn’t quite like that. Sure, I had the Batman Christmas, and the Star Wars Christmas, etc. But what sticks out is the year when 4-year-old Nate received an amazing white car from a cartoon show/movie called Ghostbusters.

Santa was nice enough to give the Ectomobile … but that’s it. No Egon, no Peter. I mean, NO VENKMAN!

Still, the Ectomobile was amazing. But without a Ghostbuster to use it, what was I to do?

Luckily, Uncle Ken came to the rescue, with something of the reptilian variety. As I sat in the living room smashing the Ectomobile into a sofa, Ken presented me with my gift: a Michelangelo action figure. My first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

But without any of his comrades, Mikey was a little lonely. And how was he supposed to get around? The Ectomobile.

For the next year, Mike rode on top of the Ectomobile, going on many adventures, some of which would have been television gold in crossover episodes.

I later received all the TMNT and Ghostbuster toys I could ask for (Santa was always great!) but I’ll always remember that first Christmas, when a little ingenuity multiplied the awesomeness.