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Stache-tacular Style

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Fashion is about confidence, bold choices, a willingness to go against the grain and make an identity for yourself.

All fashion choices carry risk with them. People might like your choice and want to mimic it; people might think it tacky and out of style, looking forward to when they can toss that fashion choice in the trash bin.

It is rare, however, for a fashion choice to cause people to go out and actually buy something to make you get rid of your decision. To want, so badly, for that fashion choice to be un-chosen that they will go out of their way to ensure its destruction.

I am blessed with fantastic facial hair, in that it grows quickly, consistently, and thickly. Rich, black, and bold, it has afforded me the opportunity to play with fashion choices of all kinds throughout the years. But there has never been a market for one style.

Brennan Stache 1Creepy.



All words that have been used to describe the delicious wisp of hair that grows right below my nose and above my lip.

That’s right — the stylish stache.

Some people wear it for Movember, as a joke. Some people choose it to portray characters, always the uncomfortable uncle or a 1980s police officer.

I, however, have chosen to rock the stache when the moment calls for it. Whether it is for a sketch show, or a mustache competition, or just because I want to feel like Tom Selleck in his prime, my stache is a fashion entity into and of itself.

Behold it’s power, and wonder why you can’t rock stache style like this.

Brennan Stache 2