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Devon Sawa’s Derrière

< by Annie of Third Wave Domesticity >

Devon Sawa’s Butt.

Devon Sawa’s Butt.

Devon – Sawa’s – BUTT.

If you are a girl and grew up in the 90s, you know exactly what I am referencing. Now and Then … the swamp scene and the dream boat known as Devon Sawa (and his butt).

My fifth grade birthday party consisted of 13 girls crammed onto a king-size bed, rewinding and fast forwarding the Now and Then tape just to try and catch a glimpse of the heart throb’s derrière. Why we found his caboose enticing is beyond me. Perhaps it was the thrill of seeing nakedness or maybe it was the naughtiness of viewing something we thought of as “forbidden.”

I can’t help but think that our need to watch his tushie represented a larger shift in our mindsets. Fifth grade is when girls started having “boyfriends” (whatever that meant) and hoping to wear a training bra. The forbidden aspect of the scene represents the childhood innocence and silliness associated with naked bodies while it simultaneously meant we were moving away from silliness and trying to become women.

I have met many wonderful, strong women who have also experienced the rewinding of Now and Then. Some watched at birthday parties, others watched at sleepovers, whatever the venue, we all share this moment in which we dangled between childhood and our nascent teenage lives.

Oh and hey … Christina Ricci, I hate you because you ALWAYS got Sawa and his butt!

(To relive the moment, fast forward to 4:11)