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the dark knight reprises

< by Jill >

In the days following Halloween, Nate’s younger brother perused the leftover costumes at a big-box store. As the story goes, his eyes alighted upon a Batman mask and registered one thought:   I gotta get this for Nate.

Into the basket it went.

On Christmas morning, Nate discovered this Batman mask under the Christmas tree. The mask’s two elastic straps hugged another package; a package covered in Batman wrapping paper. Are you noticing a theme?

Nate’s eyes brightened when he spotted it, and he released the straps on the spot. Next thing you know, he’s wearing the mask and growling I’m Batman! and I’m not afraid – I’m angry! in his burliest Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne voice.

Later in the day, Nate passed the mask to his younger cousins. For the next several hours, 4-foot caped crusaders raced in circles throughout the house, pursuing villains of the worst kind: Jokers, Riddlers, and little sisters.

Christmas evokes all kinds of feelings — love, joy, and hope for the coming year — but it also possesses the power to kindle unbridled, childlike excitement. For Nate, the Batman mask did exactly this, as did the attached gift — it contained a brand-new Batman video game.

_ _ _

What gift made you feel like a kid again?