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a memoir in meows

< This story was authored by Lucy, the subject of yesterday’s story, Kenny G and the Calico Cat. Her meows, translated here into English, recount the “true story” of her life with Jill’s family. >

My name is Lucy Fur. My friends call me Lucy, the thing is I donʼt really have any friends. Not that I couldnʼt have as many as I want but rather that as a cat one doesn’t really need friends.

I am the pick of the litter, the cat’s meow as they say. But don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, it’s not as easy as it looks. I have to live with this huge dog that always smells like a wet dog and drools to the point that the EPA is often called in to clean up the environmental disaster. I also have to tolerate an entire family of humans who are totally annoying.

I was a birthday gift (totally humiliating) to the youngest member of this family and as it turns out I like her the least or maybe I should say, I dislike her the most. My only defense is to cause her to sneeze every time she picks me up. The others are tolerable to the extent that they donʼt get in my way.

My life is very demanding with daily grooming, eating and napping, eating and napping. It wears a kitty out. I’ve even had a brush with death. On my way home from the pet shop I was nearly hurled out the window of the car. Who knew a little meowing could get someone so riled up.

A confession: There is one person I kind of like. She feeds me and brushes me all the time and likes to snuggle me which I donʼt really care for but if it makes her happy I guess it’s OK. When she’s away it makes me angry and so I pee in special places so they understand my expectations.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name