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The Square and the Squiggle

< by Annie of Third Wave Domesticity >

I was sitting on a thrift store couch that clearly had been abused by college drunken shenanigans. Bottle caps floated around, the stench of boys was in the air, and grime covered the 20 year old carpet. The “Dup” was probably infested with asbestos but I didn’t mind it.

There he stood: white button up shirt tucked into his pleated slacks, side part, dress shoes, fancy watch, Wall Street Journal, freckle on his lip and a bowl of cereal. He was 21 with an old soul and I was smitten. He was the most beautiful Republican I had laid eyes on.

I know that I adored his “squareness” and that I needed him to be mine forever.

We referred to each other as the “square” and the “squiggle” in these early days because we were worlds apart on most things.

After 6.5 years, a wedding, cross country move, and lots laughs and kisses… those shapes have shifted.

We are more of a circle now, but I will always remember him as a square. I fell in love with a square and I will always love the old soul dressed in a 21 year old body.