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sunday setup 10/28/12: halloween stories

< by Jill >

If a rabbi, a priest, and a minister walk into a bar, it’s probably because you’re (a) in the company of a wisecracker who likes that kind of joke or (b) at a bar on Halloween. Tonight I witnessed scenario b: a trio of spiritual leaders entering a pub (trailed by seven sexy dwarfs and a swashbuckling pirate).

Halloween is an evocative holiday — it’s a reflection of pop culture (think: Chilean miners circa 2010), an ongoing commentary on politics (Nixon masks, stained blue dresses), and a chance to wear the outfit you can’t justify on any other day. Bedazzled denim bra? Sure, throw it on. You’re Paula Abdul.

I’m not sure anything says “daddy issues” quite like a sexy Rainbow Brite, but then, who am I to judge? I once dressed as a sexy Honeycomb monster (and went out on the town with a sexy Mozilla Firefox).

And then there was the time when — drunk on my own cleverness — I roped by best friend into dressing as senior citizens, because were high-school seniors. Get it? Get it? Sigh. 

This week’s stories all fall under the “Halloween” umbrella. They touch on memorable costumes, spooky stories, and candy — LOTS of candy.


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