a breakfast serial

One bite-sized story every morning to uplift, motivate, or provoke thought.

stories by nate


Nate, a native of Wisconsin, is a sports writer. When he writes, words flow forth in the gravelly-yet-fluid fashion of a cowboy. He communicates the song of his heart without wearing anything on his sleeve, and tells stories that others are afraid to tell. Click here to meet the other authors.

2013/04/19 The Mill

2013/04/04 A Family Nickname

2013/03/18 The Family That Dips Together Stays Together

2013/01/31 A Rivalry Redesign

2013/01/24 The Golden Birthday

2013/01/01 a new year’s resolution

2012/12/21 a crossover christmas

2012/12/07 the pickled joke

2012/11/23 lights, cords, and Christmas

2012/11/15 life layover

2012/10/30 your inner third-grade girl

2012/10/24 the minister of defense

2012/10/05 a new year’s resolution

2012/09/21 thumbs up for safety

2012/09/07 unecessary roughness

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