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stories by jorie

JorieJorie is a globetrotter, nature-lover, and proud owner of two dogs who earned banner headlines on dailypuppy.com. Her writing cuts past the trivial and strikes deep, evoking the sense that it’s possible to share something poignant and real with a perfect stranger. In addition to writing for a handful of media outlets (including the Huffington Post Blog), she records her daily experiences at The Midwest Maven, an award-winning blog that touches on all the best facets of life: food, travel, books, and free time. Click here to meet the other authors.

2013/04/16 Interviewing Hugh Jackman: A Tale of Forged Identity While Interning in Australia

2013/01/20 The Little House on Prairie Avenue

2013/01/25 Getting My Sea Legs on My 21st

2012/12/13 my complicated relationship with santa claus

2012/10/23 a lesson in humiliation

2012/9/27 the circle of life


  Getting My Sea Legs on My 21st « a breakfast serial wrote @

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[…] By Jorie Larsen of themidwestmaven.wordpress.com […]

  Surviving Chicago Summers | a breakfast serial wrote @

[…] By Jorie Larsen of The Midwest […]

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