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stories by brennan


Brennan is a former second-grade teacher in Chicago, current MFA candidate at The New School for Drama in New York, and native of Newport News, VA. He lives with the wonder and wide eyes of a kid — always observing the world and archiving new discoveries in his memory. His stories arise from small, unforgettable moments that are as personal as they are relatable. He mines humor out of the mundane and proves that it’s possible to find goodness in almost any situation. The stories you see from him are thoughts and reflections on real things from his world. Click here to meet the other authors.

2013/04/22 The White Lily

2013/04/10 A Moment Like This

2013/04/03 Chip Off the Ol’ Block

2013/03/27 Death of A Salesman 2

2013/03/20 The Most Dangerous Meal

2013/03/13 One Winter Night

2013/03/05 Lost in Translation

2013/02/28 Stache-tacular Style

2013/02/21 Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel

2013/02/12 Saying “I Love You”

2013/02/06 Electric Feel

2013/01/29 Camping for the Cavs

2013/01/21 Ice Ice Baby

2013/01/17 the pumpkin crown

2013/01/07 find your fun

2013/01/05 resolutions for any moment, any day

2012/11/01 the escaped murderer

2012/10/16 the wardrobe malfunction

2012/10/04 the curious astrovanology of dr. walter lowery

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