a breakfast serial

One bite-sized story every morning to uplift, motivate, or provoke thought.

stories by anna



Anna is a Minnesota native living in Chicago, trying to travel, laugh, and eat as many salty snacks as possible. She’s started recording her adventures at Wanderlust in Chicago.

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2013/03/29 MSP: Checkpoint 5

2013/03/01 Secrets of a Former Girl in Uniform

2013/01/23 Sixteen Candles

2013/01/02 New Year’s Cheese

2012/12/06 away in a manger

2012/11/21 jello salad

2012/11/07 anna & politics: a chronology

2012/10/25 our foremothers

2012/10/17 unintentional rebellion

2012/09/18 a sticky situation


  away in a manger « a breakfast serial wrote @

[…] by Anna […]

  Sixteen Candles « a breakfast serial wrote @

[…] by Anna […]

[…] by Anna of Wanderlust in Chicago […]

  MSP: Checkpoint 5 | a breakfast serial wrote @

[…] by Anna of Wanderlust in […]

  All We Did Was Dance | a breakfast serial wrote @

[…] by Anna of Wanderlust in […]

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