a breakfast serial

One bite-sized story every morning to uplift, motivate, or provoke thought.

about the authors

The authors listed below are the top contributors.


Jill is a writer and marathoner from Minnesota.
She currently resides in Chicago, about eight hours away from her dear mother/future self, a woman who’s mostly sugar, but also a little spice. Jill’s precise, succinct storytelling style is a reflection of her experience as a 2nd-grade teacher on Chicago’s south side. Jill, like most 7-year-olds, begins to wiggle and get bored when stories have too many words. Click here to read stories by Jill.


Nate, a native of Wisconsin, is a sports writer. When he writes, words flow forth in the gravelly-yet-fluid fashion of a cowboy. He communicates the song of his heart without wearing anything on his sleeve, and tells stories that others are afraid to tell. Click here to read stories by Nate.


JorieJorie is a globetrotter, nature-lover, and proud owner of two dogs who earned banner headlines on dailypuppy.com. Her writing cuts past the trivial and strikes deep, evoking the sense that it’s possible to share something poignant and real with a perfect stranger. In addition to writing for a handful of media outlets (including the Huffington Post Blog), she records her daily experiences at The Midwest Maven, an award-winning blog that touches on all the best facets of life: food, travel, books, and free time. Click here to read stories by Jorie.


Brennan is a former second-grade teacher in Chicago, current MFA candidate at The New School for Drama in New York, and native of Newport News, VA. He lives with the wonder and wide eyes of a kid — always observing the world and archiving new discoveries in his memory. His stories arise from small, unforgettable moments that are as personal as they are relatable. He mines humor out of the mundane and proves that it’s possible to find goodness in almost any situation. The stories you see from him are thoughts and reflections on real things from his world. Click here to read stories by Brennan.

Mitra (Madeleine)

Mitra is an educator and political organizer in Minnesota.
She exudes a palpable positive energy that makes life seem brighter and lighter. Her personality is as vivid as her writing, which covers everything from living in the Minnesota suburbs to teaching in an alternative school in New Orleans’ recovery district. Click here to read stories by Mitra.

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a diverse and obviously intelligent group

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