a breakfast serial

One bite-sized story every morning to uplift, motivate, or provoke thought.

upcoming series

At the beginning of each week, Jill writes a Sunday Setup that establishes a theme for the subsequent five posts. Here are some upcoming topics:

July 8–12: Lists

July 15–19: Beat the Heat

July 22–26: Summer Camp

July 29–August 2: Noteworthy Relatives

August 5–9: Summer How-to Guides

August 12–16: Marital Advice

August 19–23: Honeymoon Stories

August 26–30: First Day of School

If you have a story that fits any of these topics, then by golly, start typing!

If you have a story that doesn’t fit any of these topics, take heart!

Either suggest a topic in the comments section below, or just e-mail your story to abreakfastserial@gmail.com and we’ll cluster it with similar submissions for an upcoming week. If your story is chosen, you’ll get your own byline with a link back to your blog/social media/electronic face space.

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