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We Went on a Honeymoon!

< by Jill >

In 2011, I had the privilege of jet-setting on my employer’s dime. Over the course of three months, I stayed in eight hotels, rented six cars, and survived one hurricane. Sunny Isles, Florida had its thrills (90 mph winds) and San Antonio, Texas had its charms (103-degree heat), but no destination won my heart like Santa Cruz, California—and not only because of the clear skies and 75-degree weather.

There was just something special about Santa Cruz.

Maybe it was the Darrell—the elderly innkeeper at Darling House B&B who looked at his wife with a twinkle as he called her “lover.”

Perhaps it was Buddy—the friendly stranger who dedicated an entire day to helping me navigate town.

Or possibly it was the thousands of butterflies who parked on my head, arms, and shoulders as I wandered in the eucalyptus forest.

During that first visit to Santa Cruz, I knew I’d be back. I needed to share this place with someone. Fast-forward two years.

After a one-day layover in an empty apartment, Nate and I boarded a plane to San Jose. From there, we drove down Old Highway 1, curling through the redwoods toward our destination. When we arrived at the hotel, Nate carried me over the threshold. We then stepped outside to a private balcony overlooking the Monterey Bay—the pier, the boardwalk, and the beaches.

We spent a week exploring town, revisiting past discoveries and exploring new ones. We watched whales, pet sharks, and dined on giant lobsters. Most importantly, we bonded as husband and wife, enjoying the completely new experience of living life together.

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  Jorie wrote @

Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing these photos, Jill.

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