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There are certain things in life — certain very important things — that you only learn by trial and error. For instance, parenting — you can only learn parenting by becoming a parent. Sure, you can pick up a few tips and tricks from ma and pa, but times change and so do the prevailing opinions surrounding discipline, vaccinations, and whether it’s better to wash out a rascal’s mouth with a brick of Dial or a handmade, preservative-free slice of glycerine soap. May the controversy ensue.

The current trial-by-fire lesson I’m learning is how to get married without making people feel mad, sad, sidelined, or downright flummoxed about the one-day party it entails. I guess the lesson is simple: You can’t get married without stirring up a feelings tornado.

Family is a dynamic, complex thing. Weddings are an emotional, life-changing thing. Add it all together and you get high-highs, low-lows, and an honest preview of what marriage is probably like.  Amidst the storm, however, there are strong, stable folks who keep it all in perspective.

For me, my greatest source of encouragement is my sister: she has reminded me over and over that all we need is Nate and a minister to make this a marriage.

Ann is my big sister, one of two maids of honor. She’s among a handful of relatives and friends who have provided much-needed levity and perspective throughout the wedding-planning process. This week’s posts are dedicated to my big sis and all the other noteworthy relatives who by quirks or deeds stand out in the family tree.


  bravesmartbold wrote @

I was there and it was painful. I got through it and so did they, but geez was it dramatic. Good luck and stay focused on your happiness.

  divinemo wrote @

Been there done that.In my culture a wedding feast is not a weding feast if you don’t have hundreds of people. In my case we had about 500 people attending, and the hundreds others who are still angry that they didn’t get invited….

But hey, we forge ahead.All the best with the preparations and yes Yourself, fiance and the minister are about all you need for your wedding party if push comes to shove.

Happy Planning.

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