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Nate’s Top 10 Books

< by Nate >

I’ve never really been one to make lists. It isn’t something I grew up doing, despite the fact that my mother constantly did so.

At times, this has bitten me in the rear … Don’t know what I need from the grocery store? I’ll just buy whatever I want.

At other times, making a list has proven to be, in hindsight, a silly endeavor … Since I’m going to be a sports writer the rest of my life, here are all the things I want to do.

But most of all, when I think of lists, I think of The Late Show with David Letterman, where Top Tens are counted down every night.

Over the last five years, I’ve worked hard to get into the habit of reading books. But not just any books, good books.

So, without further ado, here is my Top Ten list of books from the last few years that I feel, EVERYONE* should read.

10. The Killing Joke — If you like Batman, you will love this one.

9. Watchmen — Quite possibly the best graphic novel ever written.

8. I Am Legend — The Late Richard Matheson’s story is better than the movie (which I also enjoyed). This man knew how to write short science fiction.

7. No Country for Old Men — This is the only Cormac McCarthy novel I’ve read, and it goes much deeper than the movie.

6. Out of the Silent Planet — Great book from C.S. Lewis, really makes you think about mankind.

5. The Hunter — Donald Westlake (who goes by Richard Stark for his Parker novels), was rough with his writing, just the way a lifetime criminal series should be.

4. Moby Dick — Trust me. It is worth it.

3. The Road — If you are a male, you will probably cry while reading this book. It’s OK. I did too.

2. Life of Pi — An amazing story. And there’s a Tiger! (If you’ve seen the movie, it follows the book pretty well. This, however, does not count).

1. The Bible — Some of the greatest stories every told. Hands. Down.

*While I believe everyone should read these books, I am not claiming that everyone will like them.

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