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Archive for June 18, 2013

Manager at 16

< by Annie of Third Wave Domesticity >

At sixteen I became a manager. I clearly was qualified based off of my previous experience. At fourteen I tackled the drive through at McDonalds. At fifteen I worked my way up to the free sample gal for Chick Fil A. At sixteen I made it big … a coffee shop and bakery.

Grains of Olde was one of the only independent eateries in Coral Springs. It was located in the hippest of strip malls, “The Walk.” Mr. and Mrs. H hired me to work the counter, but I was quickly promoted. Along with my promotion, Mr. and Mrs. H hired my best friend.

During our summer we took full advantage of my power. I was left to close the store at night. Our nights consisted of throwing tomatoes onto the ceiling, eating cannolis/baguettes and hiding under the counter so customers wouldn’t see we were open. We had dance parties to 80’s classics.

There were a lot of really gross parts of the job (the tub of tuna salad haunts me… the crusty hard tuna bits that lined the sides of the steel rim) but none of it mattered because I had a blast making money and laughing with my friends.