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Theme: Summer Jobs

< by Jill >

The term “summer job” implies teenagers, hourly wages, and — for many people — red, one-piece swimsuits.  It’s only possible (or responsible) to have a one-season job when you’re in school the rest of the time. In any case, there’s no such thing as a “winter job” or “autumn job” unless you’re a bank robber.

For me, “summer job” means lifeguarding, teaching swimming lessons, babysitting, and cooking whole turkeys on a Weber grill, which I did weekly throughout the summer of 2004. I prepared these turkeys as a personal chef for a family of four who happily fostered my growing love of cooking. I spent countless hours painting barbecue sauce on chicken wings and whipping egg yolks into aioli, imagining myself as the fresh young face on the cover of Food & Wine magazine.

Of course, autumn came and I went off to college. My priorities changed and my dreams evolved, but my love of cooking lingered — and I’m pretty sure Nate’s happy about that. Next Thanksgiving, I’ll be preparing a whole turkey on a Weber grill.

[This week, stay tuned for summer-job stories by Annie, Amelia, Jorie, and Nate! ]

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