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Fathers of Daughters

< by Mark >

I just got fitted for my tuxedo for Jill’s wedding. In August Iʼll be walking her down the aisle to join the man sheʼll be with for the rest of her life.

It sort of takes my breath away as I think about it.

Preparing for this day began the day she came into this world. I scanned the baby boys in the maternity ward that day and none of them could compare with my beautiful little girl.

As Jill and her sister grew I tried to demonstrate what a good man looks like and how he should act. I also talked to them about their potential boyfriends and what might happen to these boys if they were to misstep.

This was easy when the boys were smaller than me, but at 5ʼ7” and 150 lbs it became more difficult to intimidate as the boy friends got bigger.

I did however get a couple of crying phone calls from my daughters during their college years requesting that I “make it look like an accident.”

The good news is that through these trials, Jill and Ann have found great men to share their lives with (Iʼm not just saying that because theyʼre bigger than me).

They are exactly the men I was searching for in the maternity ward way back when.

So hereʼs my marriage advice to all you fathers of daughters:

Teach your daughter not to settle, but to be patient and find the right man.

Make sure your daughter knows how to be a great wife.

When your daughter has chosen her man, have “the talk” with this man about their future lives together and what that means.

And when the wedding day comes …

Choose a venue where they have a very long aisle (and/or) walk this aisle very slowly. Youʼll want to vividly remember this for the rest of your life.

Select a long song for your father daughter dance … Love your son in-law.


  Kathy wrote @

Love this!

  Carolyn Hallstrom wrote @

Boo Hoo….Mark you touched my heart. Thanks for being such a good dad and husband. We all benefit. Cousin CH

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