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Prom Moms

< by Sandy >

When I was in high school I couldn’t go to my prom because I was raised Baptist and in those days, we couldn’t go to dances. By the time our daughters were of prom age, however, things had changed and it became a very exciting time. Ann, our oldest daughter who hadn’t really dated at all, was by all accounts the first girl to be asked in her class. The young man was a neighbor of ours — the youngest of three boys — and very schooled by his mother (or older brothers) on how to treat a girl and act like a perfect gentleman. He was very impressive and very nice. By this time in my life, however, prom had a different meaning. I could finally help pick out a dress for my beautiful daughter and I looked forward to that experience immensely.

Of course we went to the Mall of America here in Bloomington and what I remember most was many of the other mothers helping their daughters. As I sat in the dressing room area waiting for Ann to come out and model for Jill and me, I kept hearing the comments of the other mothers. “Hurry up – we don’t have all day.” “That looks terrible on you!” You KNOW we can’t afford that — take it off.” “You’re fat — you need to lose weight.”

Meanwhile, I felt like the luckiest mother in the world to have this experience. As Ann came out of the dressing room with the most beautiful pink gown you’ve ever seen, both Jill and I just stared at her and pronounced in unison, “Perfect.”

I’m not saying I’m the model mother, but I am saying there are only a few experiences a mother can go through only once. I wanted to be sure and enjoy every moment of Ann’s first prom, and I did. Two years later, I was honored to go through the same experience with Jill. The memories are beautiful and I also thank Judy, the mother of Ann’s date, who cared enough about her sons to teach them early the proper manners when on a date with a beautiful young girl.


  Kathy wrote @

Judy would love to read this, too!

  Carolyn Hallstrom wrote @

Bravo SJ…Love, CH

  My Prom Checklist | a breakfast serial wrote @

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  Carolyn Hallstrom wrote @

Lovely SJ….thank you so much….Love CH

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