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Prom (Sunday Setup 4/28/13)

< by Jill >

It’s that time of year when department stores clear the junior’s department and roll in racks and racks of pastel, sequined, absurdly pouffy dresses that really only make sense if you’re playing Cinderella in Disney on Ice — or going to prom. Although trends have changed and hemlines have risen, some aspects of prom fashion have stayed the same, namely:

• Designs inspired by Disney (the Tinkerbell)
• Necklines/hemlines/slits that horrify grandmas (the bedazzled breastplate)
• Bedazzled bodices (the firework display)
• Skirts that could hide/shelter a toddler (the kidnapper)

My prom dress fell into the final category, and it was white to boot, meaning that I waltzed around like a bride and enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime chance to have friends bustle my skirt so I could use the restroom. Thanks to this experience, I chose a wedding gown that permits a normal range of mobility.

This week, five writers will dip into the past and share prom stories. Stay tuned for more tales about dresses, dates, and disasters.

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