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Archive for April 25, 2013

Le Petit Bouquet

< by Annie of Third Wave Domesticity >

“Going to the chapel and were gonna get married” blared from my iPad on June 20th 2012. The sun shined brightly through our Parisian windows, it was the first time it hadn’t rained in days. I remember standing in the elevator of our flat staring at Stephen, it seemed like a normal day, but it wasn’t.

Annie at Le MaraisWe walked over to Le Marais, found a small corner café and basked in the sun. To me, nothing is better than Parisian breakfast. Fresh jam, a warm croissant, and a crisp espresso is how everyone should spend their mornings. While enjoying one another’s company I decided that a bouquet was necessary for the ceremony. Up until that morning I had not considered flowers, but as the vows crept closer, I found myself drawn to the idea. Stephen at Le Marais

There was a small flower shop close to our flat. On our way back from breakfast we stopped in to purchase a small handful of flowers. “Bonjour, could I purchase some flowers?” I asked. The woman behind the counter ignored my question and continued on with her business. Rookie mistake…English.

Defeated, we left the shop and searched for another flower store. A few blocks from our first destination was another store, specializing in exotic plants. Needless to say, I did not care to carry a palm frond and decided to forgo the possibility of patronage.

We returned to the first shop. Stephen and I stood on the corner and strategized. French! We needed to speak French!

Round two: “Pardon Madame, le petit bouquet?” I said with a terrible accent. “Ah oui!” she replied enthusiastically. Petit, not quite, but the flowers were beautiful.


Flowers in weddings have symbolized many things throughout history. Flowers have symbolized the new harvest and life. They have been cited to represent loyalty.

Flowers in WIndow

For me, Le Petit Bouquet represented growth and new beginnings. I stood behind the Notre Dame chapel and exchanged vows with the most wonderful gentleman. Although we had been dating for 6 years prior, those vows began a new journey, our new life together as a family, as one.

Annie and Stephen Notre Dame