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Mom’s Matzo Ball Soup

Matzo Ball & Soup Mix

< by Annie of Third Wave Domesticity >

Nothing is better than your mom’s matzo ball soup, nothing. My mom is a pretty terrible cook (sorry ma!) but there is something that this woman knows how to do. She knows how to harness her Jewishness and bust out a soup that not only warms the belly but warms the soul.

Next week is Passover. Passover is the story Moses and the Jewish slaves. As the story goes the Jews needed to get out of Egypt quick (that Pharaoh was a bad dude). Because they were in a rush they did not have time to let their bread leaven which resulted in a dry nasty cracker-y food: matzo. During Passover Jews give up leavened products for 7 days.

As a kid Passover was the worst. I yearned for chicken nuggets from McDonalds (ironic since the nugget is what eventually made me become vegetarian) and grilled cheeses. The entire holiday seemed daunting and terrible but there was always a silver lining, matzo ball soup.

My mom’s matzo ball soup is delicious. Delicious! I asked her a few years ago how she made it so great. Was it an original recipe? Was it a family secret? In true Ma tradition she replied “Nope just use the stuff in the box!” (<- say that in a New York accent) Of course! I tried to make “the box” and the results were shameful. The matzo balls crumbled and the broth was bland. There was something missing: perhaps it was the nagging, the jewish guilt or the uncomfortable hugs and kisses at dinner. I can’t pinpoint what makes her soup so scrumptious. Maybe it’s the memories associated with her soup:the weird voices at Passover, the rebellious act of drinking wine, or searching for the Afikoman only to receive a dollar if you found it.

I have come to terms that my soup will never measure to hers. As Stephen and I create our own traditions I hope to create a matzo ball soup that dazzles the taste buds just as my mom’s has for 26 years.

חג פסח שמח

For Passover recipes check out my blog: (new posts will pop up next week)





  Mom’s Matzo Ball Soup | shirley does Feminism. wrote @

[…] Mom’s Matzo Ball Soup […]

  Sandy Klosterwoman wrote @

You better get this perfected soon Annie – the next time I’m in Chicago I’ll expect an invite to taste this delicious soup (which I don’t think this Swedish grandmother has ever tasted). (Loved your post!)

  Larry Who wrote @

Oy vey!

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