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One Winter Night

< by Brennan >

My story of being at the right place at the right time isn’t over. I am living it out each day as I study at The New School for Drama, a candidate for an MFA in Acting and on the path to realize a childhood dream.

It all came together so smoothly. A Wednesday night in Chicago I am watching TJ & Dave at iO improv theater with a friend from college who was visiting during his winter break. Connor Doyle, you were the first piece.

Connor introduced me to his friend Chloe Lewis, a fellow improviser he had befriended over the summer. Chloe was from Chicago and was home for her winter break. Chloe, the second piece.

Chloe sent out a message to a group of improvisers she knew and had worked with in the past, myself included. She needed a scene partner for an audition she had in a couple months. I wrote Chloe and said I would do it.

At the audition I met Sherri Barber, current admissions head for The New School for Drama. While Chloe did her monologues, we talked; improv, acting, life. After Chloe finished, Sherri stepped in and told us to wait. A few minutes later they called me in per Sherri’s urging. You are the third piece, Sherri.

I delivered a shaky monologue and did some improv for Bob Lupone. I didn’t expect anything. A few days later, a call. They wanted to see me in New York for the callback weekend.

Callback weekend, I made it through to the second day. The performance on the second day awoke something in me I hadn’t felt since the days of Hogney Dangerfield at Riverside Elementary in The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf musical.

A phone call a few days later and they wanted me to become part of The New School family. It all seemed surreal to me. That cold, winter night was the first I had ever gone to see TJ & Dave, and I will never forget the pieces that brought this puzzle to life. And yes, Chloe got in, too.

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