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A Fashion Timeline

< by Annie of Third Wave Domesticity >

1999: 1983 – Sid & Nancy

Typical outfit: “Meat is Murder” DIY t-shirt, plaid skirt, push pins, Converse (anti-nazi symbol on toe), short black hair

2000: 1956 – Marilyn Monroe

Typical outfit: Colored shirt (pastel), fitted cardigan, tight plaid knee length skirt, short black bob, polka dot headband

2001: 1968 – Janis Joplin

Typical outfit: phish t-shirt or tie dye t-shirt, parted long hair, brown pants, Birkenstocks, small braid in hair

2002: 1962 – Frank Sinatra

Typical outfit: Colored shirt (pastel), fitted cardigan, jeans, short black bob, polka dot headband, purple converse, Frank Sinatra record playing somewhere

2003 – 2004: 1963 – Dean Martin

Typical outfit: Pink, white, or black polka dot dress, pink, white, or black cardigan, black bob, pink, black, or white flats, Dean Martin record playing somewhere

College – ?: Revisit 1999 – 2004 with some Forever 21 thrown in.

2009 – now: Annie

Typical outfit: vintage cut (hugs waist) dress, vintage inspired flats, bouffant, short black hair

Across time, across decades, I have engaged with many genres and styles. I have always come back to the 1950s/early 1960s silhouette. After taking a Politics of Fashion class in graduate school I had a major AHA moment. My choice is not coincidental or convenient. In a way that is authentic to me, I have figured out how to navigate being an independent lady by juxtaposing the oppression of the private sphere of the 1950s with my feminist identity. Besides, Converse can be smelly, I needed to figure something out!


  Larry Who wrote @

I’m a Marlon Brando “On the Waterfront,” dresser myself: jeans and t-shirts. I also walk around saying, “I coulda been a contender.”

  Hump Day Happiness | shirley does Feminism. wrote @

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