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Archive for February 18, 2013

Lightening Bolts

< by Annie of Third Wave Domesticity >

Fourth grade is a big year. Fourth grade is when your room gets to showcase your personality. Fourth grade is when I got to shed the girly-ness of my baby room and take ownership of the walls.

My baby room was the perfect girl room: pale pinks walls, white furniture, teddy bears galore, and the most bad-ass Barbie House on the block. I loved my teddy bears and my Barbie House but the rest I felt was not fourth grade Annie.

Fourth grade Annie was crazy and weird. 4th grade Annie was the President of her very own club (yes it was inspired by Babysitters Club and did have active members). 4th grade Annie ruled the playground (maybe with an iron fist). 4th grade Annie was not a pale pink kind of gal.

My mom told me I could have whatever I wanted on my walls. I did not take this decision lightly. I dug deep into my soul. What represented me? Who was I? (All questions a fourth grader asks themselves when making major decisions.)

I saw the light, both figuratively and literally.

LIGHTENING BOLTS. I needed to have lightning bolts on my walls. Oh but not just any lightning bolts… they had to be teal and purple!

Fourth grade Annie’s room had teal and purple lightning bolts painted on the walls. They were sprinkled with glitter for visual effect and they were magnificent.