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Electric Feel

< by Brennan >


You always have to go with Dare. You can’t have people un-hear an embarrassing, I-meant-to-never-tell-this Truth. Go with the Dare.

It’s sixth grade, you are at a birthday party with your girlfriend, and all you want to do is look cool for her.

And you know cool: you two have been passing notes on a regular basis in the hallways, so openly and brazenly that everyone can see. You have been holding hands like it’s going out of style. Cuddling experts.

But there hasn’t been a kiss. Not with her, not with anyone. It’s sixth grade, and you are starting to wonder if there will ever be a kiss. Everyone else seems to be kissing, there has even been rumor of people making out. Frightening.

Truth or Dare? Always go with the Dare.


“I dare you to kiss Monica in front of everyone.”

Suddenly the circle gets intense. There is a ringing in my ears. It used to be a cool, crisp evening, but suddenly my whole body is on fire. The Dare.

Almost like a ritualistic drum circle, all eyes on us and total silence, I take both of her hands. We can’t stop smiling with the nerves, the excitement. It’s a Dare; there is no turning back.

Electricity. I remember feeling like every nerve in my body was plugged in. The Kiss.

My first kiss was on a Dare at a sixth grade birthday party in front of everyone.  The thrill of that moment is something we should all try and hold onto with every kiss.
I Dare you to.


  Mitra (@mitbot) wrote @

Brennan, I love everything about this. Daring indeed.

  Kate wrote @

Such a cute story and really well written. I was there with you! I was nervous for you!

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