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first kisses (sunday setup 2/3/13)

< by Jill >

As I sit here in bed, readying the blog for the week, I can see my sock-footed toes peeping out beneath the blanket. Black and pink stripes circle the socks, and a collection of variously sized hearts dance across the weave. If you’ve ever seen me without shoes, you’ve probably noticed that all my socks have a similar pattern. Whether red, purple, or pink, all my socks feature hearts. I even have a grey pair with elephants holding heart-shaped balloons (my sincerest thanks to whoever designed those — they are my favorites).

Why all the heart socks, you ask? Well, hold on to your socks, cause they’re about to be knocked off. Here goes: Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. In my view, Valentine’s Day should be celebrated for at least two weeks. What’s better than love? Absolutely nothing. So starting tomorrow, every story will be about a first kiss. But just like Valentine’s Day, it’s not a topic without dark sides. Some stories are lighthearted, others are charmingly haphazard, while still others are complex and bittersweet.




P.S. Last night, I tallied the entries for the raffle and blindly selected a winner from my very own Helga hat. Winner is: Jorie. You’ll look positively fierce in your crown of yarn, my dear!


  Larry Who wrote @

Congratulations to Jorie. I believe it should have been a best two out of three drawing or at least, there should have been a penalty called against the Ravens on the last pass thrown by the 49ers.

  Jorie wrote @

WOO HOO! I have never won a blog giveaway before, despite entering probably thousands at this point! Thanks, Jill! I am SO excited!

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