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A Viking Story + Helga Hat Giveaway!

Click the first tile to begin the slideshow!


This giveaway is grace of Staci Creswell, the CEO and artisan behind Ruffled Edges. The winner will receive a hand-crafted yarn helga hat, customized to your size (newborn through adult available) and braid color (unless you don’t want braids, but that would be a cryin’ shame!)

To enter:  

1) Leave a comment on this post. The comment must include the name of your favorite Vikings player (past or present!)

2) To earn another entry, share this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook, using this link: http://wp.me/p2FJLF-CO. Leave a second comment to let me know!

The contest closes at 5 p.m. on Saturday, February 2. The winner will be announced on Sunday, February 3!


  Larry Who wrote @

Fran Tarkenton. My son had a Viking stocking cap, gloves, and jacket even though we lived in Lousisville, KY.

  Jorie wrote @

1. This was an amazing post and I love your drawings.

2. BRETT FAVRE (bahaha)

3. As a woman of Norwegian descent (with Viking blood coursing through my veins), I would really enjoy wearing the authentic headwear of my people.

  abreakfastserial wrote @

Haha thanks for participating Jorie! I’m pretty sure you’ll be the only one who chooses Brett Favre. But hey, he did have one good season in purple!

  Mitra (@mitbot) wrote @

Jill is a really great artist, and even greater Vikes fan.

I’m a Minnesota woman who married a Minnesota man that wears Vikings pajama pants and a Vikings Santa hat during all the big games at home. He goes to bed despondent if they let him down hard. Seeing a grown man despondent in a purple Santa hat is kind of jarring, no matter how resolute your psyche.

Because of this, in the spirit of my favorite Viking and best “team player” Adrian Peterson, I would like a Helga hat with black braids. I am a native Minnesotan, but not a Nordic Minnesotan. I need a Vikings hat that reflects the heritage of Minnesotans like me, in order to also be a “team player” that can comfort my sad purple Santa on the hard days, and SKOL together on the good days in a braid color that doesn’t make me look like a Nicki Minaj rip-off.

Thanks for the post, artwork, and dedication to our team Jill. Thanks Staci Creswell for your locks of love!

— Mitra

  Mark wrote @

Alas, I learned the two minute rule on Purple Team viewing long ago so I’ve spent most of my Sunday afternoons playing outside. The one player I remember who actually gave us a chance during those last two minutes
was “two minute Tommy”(Kramer)
who created a win in those last moments coming from a ridiculous deficit of something like three touchdowns. Or was it only a dream?

  Sandy Klosterwoman wrote @

My sweet one: Once again the scab has been ripped off the memory of that Anderson missed field goal – HOW COULD HE MISS THAT ONE?????? And then there’s Drew Pearson’s push off – AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Favorite player? Alan Page – one of the original Purple People Eaters

  Staci wrote @

Jill ~ I LOVED your slideshow comic! You are seriously talented!

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