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on marriage: seek your own level or above

< by Sandy >

I was vacationing in Jackson, WY with my daughter Ann a couple of years ago when she brought me to a young women’s get-together and wanted me to meet her friends. They were a very accomplished group — doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. — and they were all sharing how their previous week had been. Most of them commented on the men in their lives — husbands, boyfriends, lack of anyone important — and most were discontented. I just sat there listening and when I thought it appropriate to speak I asked them if their parents ever talked to them about the kind of man they should date and/or marry … and NONE of them said yes.

I found that unbelievable. Parents tell their children how to do EVERYTHING from when to be potty trained to where they should go to college and what career to pursue. And yet, many parents say NOTHING about the one and ONLY thing in life that states it should last “til death parts you.” Think about that!!!!

My father died when I was 22 and it was by far the worst time in my life. He was a wonderful loving husband and father. He would often tell me that if I ever got married I should look for someone “on your own level or above.” That phrase was drilled into my head for most of my life and it didn’t mean just about money. He felt we should seek out people who push us to be better. He would tell me if I was an honest person, I wouldn’t be happy with someone dishonest. If I was dependable, better hang with someone more dependable. He felt opposites may attract, but rarely make a happy future together.

I’ve been married for nearly 33 years and I still adore, respect, and totally love my husband Mark. He makes me a better person. I know my dad would be very happy to see who I chose and that I took his advice. Some people have wisdom and some are wisdumb. Women, don’t settle!!!