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December 23, 2012

Jill and Nate at Kroll's

< by Jill >

Yesterday I wore the following:

  • One pair of thermal leggings
  • One black pair of jeggings
  • One brown pair of jeggings
  • One pair of knitted leg warmers
  • One waffle henley
  • One hoodless sweatshirt
  • One hooded sweatshirt
  • Two pairs of socks
  • One down Northface coat
  • One pair of thermal gloves
  • One fleece hat
  • One pair of lined, waterproof boots

I was not dressing for a hike in the arctic. I was not dressing to retrace Ernest Shackleton’s footsteps, nor to visit Santa’s condo in the North Pole.

I was dressing for the Packers game. And so, with several layers and limited mobility, I traveled to Lambeau Field to tailgate with Nate and other friends and family. Thankfully, the sun made an appearance and toasted up the otherwise frigid air. We sipped Leini’s vanilla porter and socialized, all while observing the latest in Packers fashion: camouflage jerseys, cheese “cheeks” (they’re not for your face), and Starter jackets embroidered with the year of every championship.

At kickoff, we headed to Kroll’s and ate their signature chili (beans, beef, noodles) and burgers (a pat of butter under every bun!) As you may have heard, the Packers had a blowout day. And although I’m a Vikings fan, I’ll admit I was happy on Nate’s behalf. After all, I kicked his team’s butt in fantasy football. 🙂

1 Comment»

  Larry Who wrote @

“…After all, I kicked his team’s butt in fantasy football.”

A sharp dagger ending. Merry Christmas.

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