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live updates (sunday setup 12/23/12)

< by Jill >

Greetings from Seymour, Wisconsin! Right now, I’m curled up in a recliner, warming my toes by jamming them into the cushion cracks. Nate’s sprawled on the pull-out to my right, and his dad‘s parked in a rocking chair to my left. We’re watching home videos.

The current reel dates back to April 4, 1990. It’s Nate’s golden birthday and the whole family’s singing as he inches over a Batman cake, ready to blow out the candles.

I’ve never seen this Nate, and it’s sort of hard to believe he was once a tiny pip with a small, sharp voice. I’m so fascinated by this little kid that I don’t want to miss a second. So I’m going to sign off.

In any case, it’s time to be with family, not with screens. So this week, in lieu of stories, the blog will feature live updates from a handful of writers. Now go be with your family!

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