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thanksgiving stories (sunday setup 11/18/12)

< by Jill >

On Saturday night, I attended my first-ever Friendsgiving, a.k.a. “Urban Family Thanksgiving.”

Dozens of traditional dishes crammed onto the dining-room table, creating a colorful mosaic of carbs, protein, and Pyrex. As I circled the buffet, heaping my plate with more than one bite of everything, I noticed some deviations from the norm: pulled-pork sliders, cardboard cartons filled with buffalo wings, beef gravy, and French macaroons.

As I surveyed the guests, it came to light that these dishes are regarded as “traditional” to the individuals who brought them. Much to my surprise, the question came back to me, “Why do your mashed-potatoes have skins in them?” Well, that’s traditional, right? At least, that’s how potatoes get mashed in my household.

Holidays are replete with traditions, and many of these traditions center around food — how it’s prepared, how it’s served, and what it means. Since we’re barreling toward America’s foremost food holiday, it seems only fitting to highlight a group of stories that relate to dining traditions, particularly Thanksgiving ones. In an uncommon twist, a few entries this week will include recipes.

So open your mind (and tummy) for the possibility of adding a new tradition to your Thanksgiving table.