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Archive for November 7, 2012

anna & politics: a chronology

< by Anna >

1984: My kindergarten teacher handed out red and blue squares of construction paper to our class and by sticking them to a big white piece of poster board, we elected Ronald Reagan to his second term as president.

1992: My best friend in grade school did a pretty funny impersonation of Dana Carvey impersonating George H.W. Bush. With me as scriptwriter and her as star, we became a tour de force at summer camp skit night.

Spring 1996: Met Ross Perot outside the National Archives in D.C., where he was visiting his copy of the Magna Carta. Marveled at his richness and shortness.

Summer 1996: On a school trip to Spain, my host sister’s inquisitive friends peppered me with questions about U.S. politics and the upcoming election. When asked about our parties, and specifically communism, I told them that communism was illegal. Because 17-year-old me thought communism was the same thing as Nazism and that Nazism was illegal. Hey, at least when I’m wrong, I’m really wrong.

Fall 1996: After an unsuccessful bid for office the previous year, I was elected to the position of senior class president. I owe the win to my rousing campaign speech, which included hard-hitting video clips from Tommy Boy.

2000: Voted in my first presidential election via absentee ballot. Learned what a notary is.

2008: After watching the election results come in from a barstool at the Whirlaway Lounge, my boyfriend and I both climbed on my bike and attempted to cycle down Fullerton back to my apartment. Mildly intoxicated, we were barely staying upright as jubilant passersby yelled the following words of encouragement out their car windows at us: “Yes you can! Yes you can!”