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Archive for October 29, 2012

knee deep

The Halloween blizzard of 1991 (Bob King / News-Tribune) from News Tribune Attic 

< by Mark, Jill‘s dad >

A harrowing drive home from work through blinding snow on Halloween 1991 finally ended safely in my garage where I found my pumpkin-costumed bride’s car also in the garage with a slightly caved in front end.

Entering the house I found no one home. I did find an accident report lying on the kitchen counter. As was custom, my pumpkin bride was escorting Raggedy Ann (Ann) and Little White Duck (Jill) on foot to our neighbor’s houses for treats.

Upon their return it was determined that our trick-or-treating adventure would have to be canceled for the year due to one broken car and a Chevy Cavalier that wasn’t capable of negotiating a light rain much less 10” of heavy wet snow.

Raggedy Ann and Little White Duck were not happy …

Ding Dong… My Little Pony (Ana) was at the door, knee deep in snow. “Trick or treat!”

This was probably going to be our only trick-or-treater so we loaded up her bag, keeping only a few pieces of candy for ourselves in case we were snowed in.

My Little Pony’s dad was escorting her by 4-wheel drive through the neighborhood in pursuit of much-needed candy for Pony nutrition. It made total sense to Raggedy Ann and Little White Duck to risk life and limb for this holy grail so we invited ourselves to join in on this adventure.

Because we were among the few people not bright enough to stay home we were showered with buckets full of candy at every stop. When the bags were full it was time to return home and share our bounty. We burst though the door only to find my pumpkin bride sprawled out on the bathroom floor suffering from an accidental Snickers overdose.

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