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sunday setup 10/21/12: unforgettable people

< by Jill >

The first time I attended a yoga class, I took one look at the teacher (okay two four) and just about called it quits.

Meet Sharon: She has radiant green eyes and a gentle, sweet spirit. When she smiles, she flashes perfect teeth, like tiny Chiclets all lined up. She has a thick mane of rolling brown waves, a galaxy of freckles, and a sculpted figure that attests to her dedication to the study and practice of yoga.

Basically, she’s a living, modern manifestation of a Disney princess. In fact — and I’m not joking — she once got mobbed by a flock of birds while singing on her way to yoga class.

If forest creatures endorse Sharon, then who am I to argue? So, I stayed in that first class and endured 90 minutes of hamstring torture. And I kept going back, again and again — learning poses, accepting much-needed adjustments, and soaking up her wisdom.

Today, as a student in the teacher-training program at Bloom Yoga, I am her apprentice.

I can’t wait to become a Disney princess.

– – –

This week’s stories are all about unforgettable people — like Sharon — who change lives, mark memories, and stand out among the crowds. You’ll hear about college professors, wacky neighbors, and other characters who evoke the best qualities that humans can bring to this earth.

One final note:

This week I received two great gifts:

1. I was Freshly Pressed (thank you WordPress community for your outpouring of support!)



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  amphomma wrote @

Great description of your yoga teacher! I have a friend from college who teaches yoga in another part of the country, and I believe she fits your description as well, except with blonde hair. Good for you for sticking with the class!

Memorable people…you’ve got me thinking! There are many! Keep writing!

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