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sunday setup 9/23/12: animal tales

< by Jill >

On a crisp morning in September, I walked to yoga class with Jeana, my roommate.

Although we always attended the same yoga class and practiced side-by-side, I had avoided this walk many times. It’s just that Lakeview is a minefield of puppies, and nothing dissolves Jeana’s focus like a wiggly little furball.

And so it was that a freshly puffed Pomeranean crossed our path.

First: “Oooooh!!!!”

Then: “My ovaries ache!”

Last: “How old is she? What’s her name? Can she do tricks?”

After enmeshing her golden locks in the Pomeranian’s copper mane, Jeana came up for a breath. “OH NO! We’re going to be late for yoga!”

Indeed. And so we sprinted to class, laid out our mats in the back corner, and settled into sukhasana.

Maybe you’re like Jeana: You greet every dog like it’s a chocolate-covered baby (OOOH! Aren’t you just the cutest thing?! I just want to eat you up!) You tear up when the Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial comes on. You think that animals make the best internet memes, paws down.

Well, welcome to abreakfastserial.com. This week is all about you. For the next five days, every story focuses on animals — both wild and domestic. Look out for rescue stories, heartwarming adoption tales, and memoirs recounted by pets themselves.

This week’s theme: Animal tales