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sunday setup 9/2/12 : look again

< by JHK >

At the age of 11, I won a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair. When I heard the news, I swelled with pride.

Then, in my mind’s eye, I saw a crowd huddled around a display case. I saw kids pressed on the glass with big round eyes. I heard adults mumbling, “Would you look at that?!” and I felt the crowd squish closer, jockeying for a better glimpse of the artwork — my artwork. A pencil drawing of a galloping horse.

For weeks, I relived this daydream in my idle moments. I waited, giddy with anticipation, for the fair to arrive.

On opening day, I bolted straight to the Creative Activities building. I weaved through the crowds, dragging my parents past Pronto-Pup stands and livestock barns.

When we reached the building, I located my artwork. Then, I felt a pang of isolation. I looked left, then right. There were no crowds, no children, no excited murmurs. Instead, a smattering of fair-goers wandered around, glancing at pickles and quilts.

I turned back to my artwork. Other pieces stole my attention — neon jellies, crocheted doilies, and weird bugs pinned into shadow boxes.

In my mind, I had envisioned myself giving acceptance speeches and signing autographs. But in reality, I was humbled by the incredible talent of my fellow Minnesotans.

_ _ _

In order to put my blue ribbon in perspective, I had to look at it again and see everything around it.

This week, you’ll read lighthearted stories and parables. In each one, a character will look again — they’ll observe life with a fresh perspective. In doing so, they’ll begin to live with their eyes, ears, and hearts wide open.
This week’s theme: Look Again

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